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Prices depend largely on the size and age of a plant. Typically first-year herbaceous perennials in one litre pots cost between 1.75 and 2.50, second-year plants in two or three-litre pots from 3 to 4.50.

To order or enquire about a plant contact me via e-mail.

Plants - for sale

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Giant fennel

Ferula communis For Sale
Giant fennel

Grown largely for its elegant light green filigree foliage which appears early in the season, after a number of years this large plant produces characteristic umbels of tiny yellow flowers. May die after setting seed so to prolong life removed flowers.

Geranium 'Buxton's Variety' For Sale

Masses of sky blue flowers, slightly marbled, with a clear white centre from July onwards on long trailing stems.

Inula magnifica For Sale

A giant of the late-summer border, huge leaves give way to large yellow daisy-like flowers on stems up to 2m.

Pincushion flower

Knautia macedonica 'Mars Midget' For Sale
Pincushion flower

A profusion of deep scarlet "pincushion" flowers are borne from midsummer onwards; an exciting plant for the front of the border in full sun. Loved by bees.

Lavatera cashmeriana For Sale

Vigorous short-lived perennial bearing a mass of delicated pink flowers from midsummer onwards; best treated as a biennial

Lysimachia ephemerum For Sale

Herbaceous perennial bearing clusters of pure white flowers on 1.3m stems in July and August; prefers a soil that does not dry out.

Purple Loosestrife

Lythrum salicaria For Sale
Purple Loosestrife

Masses of purple-red flowers on erect stems from midsummer to early Autumn; best in a damp situation allowed to form large clumps

Potentilla 'Monarch's Velvet' For Sale

Low-growing, clump-forming perennnial bearing saucer-shaped deep scarlet flowers over a long period from Summer into Autumn; good for the front of the border

Salvia forskaolli For Sale

Lilac blue, hooded flowers, typical of a salvia, are born profusely for a long period in summer on a vigorous herbaceous plant, to 1m in rich soil. Easier, and hardier, than many other herbaceous salvias.

Salvia transylvanica For Sale

Whorls of deep violet flowers on ranging stems (that may need the support of other plants) are produced over a long period in summer and sometimes into the Autumn, by this underused, tough and hardy herbaceous perennial. Upto 1m, but usually less.



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