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Unknotting a riverside garden
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Unknotting a riverside garden...
Remnants of  spasmodically effective DIY garden design and construction greeted the new owners of a medium-sized rear garden on the banks of the River Avon in Bath;  accessed across a gravelled parking area too small to turn a car in, a screen of bamboo and rotting balustrade fencing effectively said “Keep Out” rather than “Welcome”. A rough lawn, a couple of nice trees and and a deck expansive enough on which to land a helicopter (or two)  didn’t exactly draw you down to the river beyond. As well as adding considerably to the existing planting, the whole space needed unknotting and relinking so that the walk from back door to water’s edge flowed as smoothly as the river itself. Straight lines were out, but for the time being at least, it was decided to keep the deck.

The bamboo was thinned and moved back and a new  brick edge established to define and enlarge the parking/turning area; a sinuous gravel path leading both to the river’s edge and to an existing gazebo was cut into the deck to soften its edges and a sail-shaped raised vegetable bed created alongside; the area of lawn was considerably reduced to a circular area and a sail-shape, bounded by a large shrub bed for shade tolerant plants and an area for sun-lovers; a small brick terrace, echoing the existing hexagonal gazebo, was laid, the observation platform for aquatic and other life in the new pond, which used an abandoned fibreglass boat left by a previous owner to define its shape.

Less than a year after completion, the garden has a life of its own, and the walk to the riverside to observe the wildlife or pick a lettuce, is filled with passing interest. 

finished garden


garden before

garden before

during the garden rebuild

garden during

garden after

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