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Cotswold Cottage
Verdigris Courtyard
The Shared Urban Garden
The multi-functional small urban garden
Unknotting a riverside garden
The Long, Thin, Lost Garden
An Urban Courtyard
The "Nowhere-to-Sit" Garden
Developing a Six-acre Garden
A New Border


The Shared Urban Garden...
A small but valuable garden space in South London managed jointly by the owners of two flats in a converted Edwardian house had previously been divided down the middle into impossibly thin strips. An experiment with a shared lawn had failed due to the dry conditions caused by trees at the end of the garden.

With an eye on future sale or rental of their flats and their own enjoyment of the space, the owners wanted clearly defined personal areas of equal size, with the feel of one garden, manageable planting appropriate to the conditions, and structural elements that looked good all year round, a place to sit and entertain on a Sunday afternoon...

Four years later
maturing garden


garden before

garden during

garden after



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