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Garden Design
If you are dissatisfied with the structure and planting of your garden (paths, terraces etc. in the wrong place, weak or overgrown planting that you can't manage or a specific problem such as screening an unsightly view), a new garden design may well be what you need.

Successful garden design is the marriage of hopes and visions with the reality of conditions on the ground - familial, financial, horticultural or whatever they may be. The outcome, it is to be hoped, is a garden that meets the needs of its users year after year, a garden that is both beautiful and a garden that works for you.

Assessing your needs
If you decide your garden needs a rethink, then we can arrange to a 'no obligation'  initial consultation when we can meet to discuss your garden and your needs. In the event of you commissioning a full design, this visit, which can last up to two hours, is free, otherwise a nominal charge of £30 for travel and time is payable.

When we meet it is a chance for you to assess me, view a portfolio of my work, and for me to quiz you to work out what your precise needs are, view the garden generally, show you pictures of plants and planting styles and discuss potential budgets. 

Agreeing the brief
After the initial consultation I will write to you with a summary of your requirements and our general discussion. This is the 'brief' upon which a full scaled drawing, the 'outline plan' of your new garden, will be based. If you decide to commission a design I will ask you to approve the brief and a standard letter outlining my charges and arrange to come and survey your garden accurately to include all boundaries, paths, existing trees, shrubs etc. that are to remain and to take samples to assess soil conditions. In some cases it may be more efficient to do this survey at the time of initial consultation.

Outline plan
The outline plan will enable you to visualise your new garden and, since it is a working document, to offer to contractors to get accurate quotes for the cost of building and planting the garden. Subject to your approving the outline plan, detailed planting plans and, where necessary, construction drawings, can be drawn up.

The design and drawing of an outline plan for a typical medium-sized garden takes 10-14 hours including survey, with an additional 4-6 hours for planting plans and construction drawings. If you choose to commission Robin Montgomery Garden Design to build and plant your garden, it may not be necessary to produce construction drawings, so there may be some saving. My hourly rate for all design and consultancy work is £30.

I take the design side of my business seriously which is why I charge separately for it and won't draw sketches on the backs of envelopes. I have worked and visited too many badly planted and arranged gardens to be apologetic about that. Design fees represent time spent thinking and problem solving as well as accurate drafting and will often be a fraction of the total cost of a garden so to ignore the design stage may well be a false economy.




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